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Flood Watch – NYC

The Community Flood Watch project is a growing network of residents and community groups that report and share resources related to flooding in their communities. Residents submit photographs and reports that document flood event timing, depth, location, and associated impacts. Researchers can use these reports to improve flooding forecasts and alerts.

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Ghosts of the Coast

We are engaging citizen scientists to help document the formation of ghost forests on a larger scale. Their observations will help us better understand where ghost forests are being observed and what these locations have in common.

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Hudson River Estuary Chronolog

Halfway between the Adirondack Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, this freshwater tidal shoreline has great biodiversity of fish, birds, and plants. With this citizen science project, we invite visitors to use the Chronolog post to capture images of  tide changes, ice advances or retreats, passing ship traffic, and the seasonal invasion of water chestnuts (Trapa…

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