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 As global sea level rises, ocean water is spilling onto land in some places. People who visit the shore frequently can track how higher water is changing the coast.

This site is for people, groups, and municipalities who want to:

  • Understand how their local sea level is changing
  • Raise community awareness about the potential for coastal flooding
  • Start or join a local effort to track water levels or coastal change
  • Document the increasing risk of coastal flooding

This site is intended for everyone

Everyone who is interested in tracking coastal change is encouraged to use this site. While our URL uses “citsci,” we encourage anyone who wants to contribute to local science projects to do so. You can learn more about making sure your local projects are inclusive by exploring our resources section.

About us

This site is a collaboration between NOAA's Climate Program Office and WHOI Sea Grant. The inventory of projects grew out of 2020 project called Engaging Citizens to Monitor and Document Shoreline Flooding and Erosion in the Northeast. The project was funded by the National Sea Grant Office and led by NY, RI and WHOI Sea Grant, in collaboration with other Northeast Sea Grant programs. Its goal was to increase the capacity of Sea Grant Programs within the NE Region to both mentor and learn from each other by sharing best practices. The project also aimed to help Sea Grant increase its capacity as a leader in the field of citizen science and extension, as applied to monitoring flooding and changing shorelines. Resources developed through the Sea Grant project can be found on our Resources page.


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